The Sterlings are a wealthy family living in Xanadu, Wyoming.


Before the events of the trilogy, Jonathan Sterling had been in a romantic relationship with Ruby Kahn. The relationship ended when Jonathan was caught trying to smuggle a jackalope out of the Kahn Menagerie. Meanwhile, Jasmin Sterling was best friends with Zoe Kahn. Due to Jonathan having possibly told the rest of his family about the menagerie, the entire family was given kraken ink, which also ended the friendship of Zoe and Jasmin. However, it was revealed that the Sterling family apparently had a resistance to kraken ink, and had not forgotten about the menagerie, and planned on turning the menagerie into an amusement park.


• Mr. Sterling: Mr. Sterling is the patriarch of the family. He is a local politician. Not much is known about him.

• Mrs. Sterling: Mrs. Sterling is the matriarch of the family. Not much is known about her.

• Jonathan Sterling: Jonathan is the oldest child In the family. He was once in a relationship with Ruby Kahn, but their relationship ended when Jonathan stole Captain Fuzzbutt, didn't call her, and danced with some other woman. Their relationship was thought to have ended when he stole a jackalope, but Ruby and Jonathan were still in a relationship after that.

• Jasmin Sterling: Jasmin is the youngest child of the family. She was once friends with Zoe Kahn, but the friendship ended when the whole family received kraken ink. They rekindled once Jasmin accidentally ran into Captain Fuzzbutt and then Jasmin helped Zoe save the menagerie.

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