Scratch was first introduced in Book Two, but was mentioned in Book One, though not by name. He is a red Western Dragon.

Appearances in booksEdit

In Book Two, Scratch was accused of murdering Pelly, the goose who laid the golden eggs. He was proven innocent later, due to the fact he was out of the Menagerie at the time and Pelly was found alive. Scratch was almost condemned to death, though it's possible he would've only been sent to a secret menagerie.

Family connectionsEdit

Scratch has a sister named Scritch who is assumed to be dead after going mad, due to drugs given by Agent Dantes. His mother, named Lacewing, was thought to be dead, but was really sent to a secret menagerie. Scratch was allowed to visit his mother as an apologies for accusing him of killing Pelly.


Scratch is a relatively timid dragon with a power called glamour which allows him to turn invisible. He used this ability to escape and due to eating sheep, his teeth were bloody and that lead to him being accused of eating the goose whom laid the golden eggs. Scratch did show guilt over escaping and causing problems for the Menagerie.

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