Sometimes confused with unicorns or called a "chinese unicorn", as they usually found in China or Japan. A qilin has a long slender body of a deer, fish scales along its back, and one horn pointing backwards from its head. They are able to sense the guilt or innocence of others. Extremy difficult to track as a qilin passes over grass without flattening it. Take care when capturing one as it is bad luck to wound a qilin.

N​ote: Qilins sense a person's FEELINGS of guilt or innocence, not whether they are guilty of a certain crime or not.


Kiri is Camp Underpaw's qilin. She made appearances in books two and three. While Matthew Kahn was at Camp Underpaw, there was an accident. A fire caused by the bonnacon's dung destroyed the wooden fence of Kiri's enclosure, allowing her to escape. Since his return, Matthew has spent much of his time searching for Kiri. He finally found her with the help of Logan Wilde. She was then used to tell whether or not Ruby had given Jonathan Sterling and his parents kraken ink.

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