Gender Male
Species Yeti
Affiliation Kahn Menagerie
Status Alive
Relations Kahn Family
Book Appearances The Menagerie
 Mooncrusher is a yeti at least eleven feet tall with shaggy white fur. He is the groundskeeper for the Kahn Menagerie.


The MenagerieEdit

Mooncrusher is first mentioned when Logan, Matthew, and Zoe visit the Aviary. Upon Zoe asking Pelly how she was doing, the goose replies that she was sleeping badly and that having another yeti-fur blanket would make her nest "at least bearably comfortable." Zoe promises to talk to Mooncrusher about getting more fur, but says that it may take a while.

After exiting the Aviary, a golf cart approaches Logan and the Kahns. The driver of the cart is Mooncrusher, wearing dark sunglasses and a safari-type hat. Mr. Kahn asks him how the rosebushes are and mentions a hole by the cellar door that needs to be filled, followed by Zoe reminding him about Captain Fuzzbutt needing his exercise. He responds to each of these with a, occasionally varying, "BLAAARGH."

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