Something is amiss at the Menagerie. The goose who laid the golden eggs has been murdered, and all the evidence points to a dragon named Scratch.

Zoe Kahn is no stranger to the difficulties of caring for magical creatures, but even feeding deadly basilisks didn't prepare her for this crisis. Zoe and her classmate Logan are sure the dragon is being framed, but unless they can prove he is innocent, Scratch will be executed. Worse yet, the Menagerie will be shut down-which Logan and Zoe are starting to fear is exactly what someone wants...


Pelly, the golden-egg-laying goose, has been seemingly murdered, and all evidence points to Scratch, the smallest of the 3 dragons at the Menagerie. Zoe and Logan are sure he's being framed, and they hide in the woods to see if it's actually a werewolf's doing. Instead, they found out their classmate Marco is a wererooster, and his parents and siblings are also all werecreatures. They also learned that Agent Runcible is a werewolf after thinking Matthew was one and glitter bombing them with silver dust. Marco was also able to identify that the feathers at Pelly's murder scene were from a 400 year old goose, while Pelly was 103. After a search, they found Pelly at their librarian's house. Pelly had lied to Miss Sameera to get what she wanted, and was used to prove Scratch was innocent. Melissa then blackmailed Runcible to letting them stay open by revealing how many SNAMHP werewolf rules he had broken. Logan, Blue and Keiko then go to Jasmin Sterling's Halloween party. The book ends with Logan finding a map that showed the Menagerie as an amusement park.