Clonk is a male griffin cub. He based his name off his sister's name, Clink. He is brother to Squorp, Clink, Flurp, Yump, and Sage. Clonk is also the son of Riff and Nira.

Gender Male
Species Griffins
Affiliation Kahn Menagerie
Status Alive
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Book Appearances The Menagerie, Dragon on Trial, Krakens and Lies
 Clonk was found in a toyu store, hoarding fake coins and Monoply money. Zoe Kahn and Logan Wilde smuggled him out in a Fancy Nancy book bag that was very pink and very sparkly. Clonk seems to have a less guardian-like love of treasure (like Clink) and more of a "mine, mine mine!!!" look about it.

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