Clink is the oldest and the "boss" of the griffin cubs. She is supposed to be the bossiest and was the one who found the cubs "once in a lifetime chance to escape" (aka the unicorns secret plan)

History Edit

Clink was first introduced by Sqorp, who said that she was "loud and bossy."

She then was found by Matthew and Mr.Kahn, making a huge fuss, eventually breaking the van! She almost hurt Logan's friends, and to calm her down, Logan gave her a gift from her mom, his bracelet, Which she now guards with her all of her heart.

Relation ships

Clink always had a relationship with the cubs but one cub, named Clonk, is always try to be like her. As described by Sqorp, Clonk wanted to follow Clink, but Clink bit his tail.

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