Captain Fuzzbutt

Captain FuzzbuttEdit

Captain Fuzzbutt is Zoe Kahn's pet baby mammoth and good friend. He was rescued by Abigail Hardy in a research lab in Russia.

When Logan first met Fuzzbutt, the baby mammoth was very excited, and after he picked up the boy with his trunk, Zoe threatened to demote Captain Fuzzbutt, which appeared to work as the mammoth quickly put down Logan.

When Logan was almost killed by Silverina the kelpie, Fuzzbutt was the one who woke up Zoe, which allowed Zoe to help Logan. Later, when Logan and Zoe were back on dry land, and Mr. Kahn attempted to give credit to Zoe for Logan not drowning, Zoe claimed that it was mostly Fuzzbutt and the kraken.

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